If you are having struggles with losing weight and only are gaining weight.The chances are high you are having the same problem I had back then when I was overweight.Not eating the right foods.

Did you know that your diet accounts for 80% of your weight loss success? The 20% left is the exercises and work-outs you need to do.

I did not know this back then. I was eating foods that were in my mind “good” foods.

Oh girl I was mistaken. I discovered this after I studied top performing athletes and read tons of books on healthy eating.

The type of interviews with top athletes I love the most are those that give a sneak peak in their life.

Where the interviewer asks like: how does your weekend looks like and where the athlete gives a full description and go into detail of their weekends.

I can absorb tons of these type of interviews. Not only does it gives me a better understanding on why they are WINNING but also more in what kind of foods they consume.

Athletes know that they don’t have a full 20 years ahead where they can perform. 10-15 years is what a typical top performing life of a basketball and football player looks like.

They know they need to use this time period well.

And they truly take care of their body. It gets the right amount of sleep and the best fuel (read foods) for their body.

I started to use all kinds of foods in my daily life and usually was experimenting a bit, until I found the right diet that I was comfortable with and one that I could easily follow.

I compiled the 10 best fat burning foods for you in this article so that you may jumpstart your weight loss journey in the right way.

And not like me, suffering and starting out all wrong. 

Replace these foods for the bad foods you are consuming right now, think of all the white carbohydrates: bread, pasta, potatoes and fried foods and all type of refined sugar.

If you want to learn the exact diet I used and the recipes you can use as well to live a healthy life, then check out my fast weight loss program.

My clients lose 10-20 pounds in just 3 weeks without spending a single minute in the gym. It is all about eating the right foods and when to eat them.

Without further ado, lets go into the 10 best fat burning foods for weight loss

1. Salmon and Fat Fish

Wild Salmon and all kinds of fatty fish are the best form of lean protein you can actually get.

This is good for building muscles.

And as we know: building muscles burns a lot of fat.

So get this into your daily diet. Besides the protein you get in, it is also rich in omega-3 acids. Omega-3 acids bring many health benefits to your body.

And as your body runs better, you will get a better overall health which is good for weight loss.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is good to prevent you from gaining weight.

Replace this one with the sunflower oil you are using to cook with.

It is full with healthy fats and it improves your digestion. It will make you feel full sooner.

Coconut oil helps to stabilize the blood sugar level, which makes you have less cravings. Read my article on coconut oil here.

3. Greek Yogurt

This is the perfect snack you can have and one you can have in the office as well. It is full of protein and vitamins.

Normal yogurt is full of hidden sugars and additives.

These are not only deceiving you as you might have thought these are healthy for you.

These yogurts are harmful to your weight loss progress because of all the hidden sugar and artificial additives you are consuming.

4. Chilli/Cayenne Peppers

Spicy up your life and have some pepper on daily basis! I’m not joking.

Red chili or cayenne peppers are full of vitamin C and capsaicin.

This will help you to speed up your metabolism!

A better working metabolism will help your body to turn into a fat burning machine.

How can you add this into your daily diet?

You can add them raw to your salad or sandwich, or add them to your omelet or evening meals in the pan.

5. Apple Cider Vingar

I already wrote about apple cider vinegar in another article.

It is a nifty hack that you can have on a daily basis to improve your metabolism and the way your body is storing fat.

It is made of apples and as we all know, apples are full of the good vitamins and minerals.

Guess what?

When this is turned into acid and becomes more concentrated, the health benefits become only better and better.

Just add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in your cup/bottle of water.

This will make sure you will have a lower calorie intake and it will detox your body. This will make you lose weight faster.

I use the brand Bragg when it comes to Apple Cider Vinegar. Click here to see it on Amazon:

6. Green Vegetables

Broccoli and spinach for example are full of fiber and provide your body with the right nutrients it really needs.

Actually all kinds of green vegetables are good for you.

It will help you with your metabolism and to clean your body from the inside out.

And at least it will help you to prevent you from overeating.

Updated: April 15, 2019 — 4:59 am

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