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Wow! My daughter was having some trouble reaching her weight and body sculpting goals even though she works out HARD about 4 to 5 times a week and eats as naturally and as close to the ground as possible. She’s a student and is under stress between her job and keeping her grades up in college, never getting enough sleep. When she’s not in class or studying, she’s at the gym or at work. Not too surprising when she got sick, and a lymph node swelled up in her neck. Now a swollen lymph node can be a scary thing. We sought advice from a local NMD, who had a long discussion with her about her lifestyle and diet. She ran some tests to try and pinpoint her health and allergy issues. What she discovered was the stress of being a fulltime student with a full classload in Engineering added to beasting it at the gym and not getting enough sleep when it was crunch time at mid terms. The stress of classes and hard workouts as well as not getting enough sleep all culminated to wear her down. Her hormones were out of balance, so the doctor recommended several herbals to help her get her health back on track and advised her to back off a bit on her workouts when school work was heavy. The issues she has been having is why I began doing some fact-finding on balancing your hormones to lose weight. Here is what I discovered.

If you have been dieting, working out, and eating the foods you know you should and are still having trouble reaching your body weight goal, it may be that all you need is to know what you are up against. New information is available every day as research uncovers secrets about your body and how it works that will help you make the right decisions in reaching your goal- which I assume is a sleek, sexy body.

There are a couple of hormones you may have never heard of that are crucial to your weight loss efforts: Leptin and Ghrelin. If you haven’t heard of them don’t feel bad, they are relatively new discoveries in the field of endocrinology. There has been an increase in the study of obesity in pursuit of better ways to understand and develop ways to conquer it, and these two hormones have been discovered to be closely linked to appetite, fat storage, and maintaining optimal energy balance.

Leptin is a hormone produced in your adipose tissue that tells your brain how much excess energy (i.e. fat tissue) is stored in your body and how fast to crank your metabolism based on the available energy.

Ghrelin is a hormone produced in your stomach that travels to your brain to trigger feelings of hunger (i.e. add more fuel).

Leptin and Ghrelin work together for the purpose of regulating feelings of hunger and fat maintenance. When Leptin is up, Ghrelin is down and vice versa. When levels of these two hormones are well balanced, normal body weight is easily maintained because your brain should only request additional fuel when it knows reserves are low. It is when the two hormones are not properly balanced that obesity occurs because you will feel hungry even though there is plenty of available fuel and you don’t really need to add more.

Another common problem that has been discovered is that high levels of Ghrelin have been found to cause food cravings for high-fat, high-calorie foods. When people who are dieting go on a fast, Ghrelin increases can cause them to break their fast with all the wrong foods…foods like chocolate, pizza and cheeseburgers instead of salads, fish and other low-fat, healthy options. Lack of sleep can also cause imbalances in Ghrelin and Leptin levels.

Now that there is this new understanding about how these two hormones work together to affect fat storage, food cravings and metabolism, a new weight loss program has taken the diet world by storm. Its development is based on balancing the hormones responsible for the correct production and interpretation of the energy balance hormones in your body. The name of this program is The Venus Factor.

The Venus Factor is a program that was developed to work on women only. This program is customized for each individual body type, recognizing that every woman is different: different in height, shape and proportion. It takes your physical ratios into account and educates the women who participate in the program on the specific foods and exercises that will work on their individual body type.

The Venus Factor consists of a Main Manual, an Eating Guide and a Workout Manual. The Main Manual will help you determine whether you need to lose weight or gain it to achieve the body you desire. The Eating Guide teaches you how to develop the correct eating formula based on your unique caloric needs. It also includes a 12 week Workout Manual for shaping and toning. There are 3 phases to the Workout Manual, each phase taking you to a different level of shaping and sculpting your body.

Even though The Venus Factor includes a workout that is calculated to tone and sculpt your muscles to allow you to build a more feminine shape, you will also slim down if you are overweight. If you are underweight, you will develop muscles exactly where they need to be to create the shapely curves you want. The exercises you will use work your muscles from top to bottom. Whatever your goals, you will end the 12 weeks with a total body transformation.

The good news about this program is the videos and pictures make it easy to see and copy the workouts. No expensive equipment is necessary so you can do the workouts at home. You don’t have to count calories or starve yourself, the exercises sculpt your body into the hourglass figure you were looking for. You don’t have to be an athlete to do the workouts, you can go at your own pace because you are not competing with anyone. You just need normal good health to accomplish the workouts.

The drawbacks are that you have a lot of freedom in your food choices, maybe too much freedom. This is not your typical “lose weight fast” program, you will not shed pounds quickly. You must be 100% dedicated to the program for it to work for you. If you have any injuries, the workouts could become too difficult. This is a digital download, no physical products are included.

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