The two words on a menu to avoid if you don’t want to gain weight – and they’re NOT ‘deep-fried’ or ‘battered’

Eating out when you’re trying to be healthy and avoid weight gain is a minefield. For while there are outwardly unhealthy foods – like cheese fries and burgers – there are also unassuming dishes that are laden with calories.   To sort how you can read a menu and order food in a restaurant that’s healthy, […]

Chanelle Hayes reveals INCREDIBLE weight loss as she slips into skin-tight jeans after tough gym sessions

Chanelle Hayes has shown off her incredible weight loss by slipping into a pair of skin-tight jeans.The former Big Brother star has been hitting the gym hard in a bid to shed the pounds, and she’s looking amazing. The mum-of-two was praised by her fans as she shared a side-by-side snap to show off her progress after all […]

Velocity Diet for Women

The Velocity Diet for Women is a weight-loss program that relies heavily on the use of meal replacement protein shakes and dietary supplements that proponents claim can stimulate weight loss and suppress your appetite. During the 28 days that the plan lasts, you will eat only one meal of solid food per week and follow […]